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Book: Implementing SugarCRM by By Michael J. R. Whitehead

‘A step-by-step guide to using this powerful Open Source application in your business.’


About This Book

  • Your complete guide to SugarCRM implementation – assess your needs, install the software, start using it, train users, integrate with existing systems
  • Covers both the free and commercial versions of SugarCRM – get maximum benefit from the free version before paying for add ons

“SugarCRM is one of the most exciting open source products around today, and Michael Whitehead has created the definitive guide to it. Michael packs the book with his experience as the premier independent SugarCRM consultant. It’s not just a powerful guide to SugarCRM, it’s a practical, hands on introduction to CRM as a whole. If you want to harness technology to enhance your customer relationships then read this book. You’ll be glad you did.” Bernard Golden, author, “Succeeding with Open Source”

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Some CRM Basics With A Property Management Example

Greetings to everybody and good to know you have found us yet again. Let me actually tell you something. CRM can sometimes be a very vital tool and sometimes just a piece of software for the salespeople to track their leads and log their calls and just show how productive they are on a computer screen.  It all depends on how much part of the business automation has to be captured in CRM. It is capable of capturing all the three major parts ” Pre Sales”, “Sales” and “Post Sales”.

Though these terms are quite obvious to understand but for a fresher in the Software Industry these terms can be quite confusing. So the Pre Sales is the part of a business process where you lay foundation for the Sales. So it is actually “Marketing and Identifying your prospective customer” for the service/goods you are providing . (Note: It’s not just Marketing. Marketing is when you let people know what you sell. But some may be interested and some not. So it’s critical that you identify how many of the people you have interacted with are actually interested.)

Now Step 2 Sales is about “Converting the prospective customer to a client”. That is what any core sales person would do. And Step 3 is hidden in the word client. A customer is somebody to whom you sell the services or goods just once but a client is somebody who keeps coming back to you. For that you need to provide him the “After sales services”. A good/service is of no use if people are unable to use it. After sales services are for people to reach out to you if they have any issues.

Quite frankly from our own experience the third stage is the most pain full thing. You can say it’s like keeping your wife happy even after 3 years of demanding relationship. I mean if you want an analogy. Marketing is like going out there with banner saying I am single and ready to mingle. The whole period when you negotiate with a prospective customer is like romancing. All you want is the deal closed. And the day sales happen you enter in an never ending engagement called wedding. And wife can be demanding, annoying or not at all worth but you have to provide the services. So caution, choose your wives(customers) mindfully.

Anyways coming back to the point. The success of a CRM implementation depends a lot on the end users. I mean if you provide a great deal of features but end users don’t use it. It’s all wasted. But we need to understand that why any end user won’t use something. Now comes the UI. Has anybody ever wondered why most of the PC’s use Windows? Because it’s simple to install and boot. You get next, previous and cancel buttons to do the whole process(Though we are Ubuntu Linux fans). Your UI is responsible for a lot of navigation on your web application.

We believe that great UI is not the one that flashes out with vibrant colors and just does a trick of appearing and disappearing. It should be simple. Simple enough that you should not need a guide or a manual to understand how it operates. It should be just obvious. SugarCRM is our favorite because it follows that policy. The moment you enter the system you know you can edit a thing, save it and view it. Simple! But who wants simplicity? Simplicity is actually a user perspective. And user perspective can differ from situation to situation.

In the following use case scenario. We have customized a SugarCRM instance to reflect the needs of a Property Management Company. In this case the users wanted to have an image of their property on the dashlet itself. Sometimes just an image can tell you more rather than going and reading the address of the property. The unique feature that we have added is the image field to the SugarCRM Community Edition. Now for those who are not familiar with Sugar Editions. The image field comes default with professional edition and above others. But if you are a Property Management company want a little image field in your dashlet view, list and edit and detail view. Why go for a higher version just because you are devoid of field here. We are providing a link here (along with a screen shot of the list view of the main module called Properties) for the people to go and browse through the instance. It has no real time data, just some data to show how things appear on screen. This link will be active for around a week from now on and if you want more demos with us. Please feel free to contact us through comments.


Sugarcrm Developer Dubai

Sugarcrm Developer Dubai


( Note:We don’t discourage SugarProfessional Edition in any ways. If you can afford it and you have that understanding of how to work with the workflow manager to create your own workflows etc. Then Professional should be the choice. But if you are an SME and want everything on your own servers in your own database then definitely SugarCRM community edition is your choice. Even Sugar Professional can be installed and hosted locally but if you go for the cloud services of SugarCRM then you don’t have a choice, you have to go with the Professional Edition only. They don’t host Community Edition on there cloud servers. )

Looking forward for your reviews. And let us know if you like this. There are many things possible out of this. This is very basic property management system.

Sugarcrm Developer Dubai